Reality Is - What's Your Reality?
There are people out there that just can't seem to keep a relationship going for longer that a few months. Some people are lucky and can go on for a few years before crashing and burning. You know the type - after every break up they sit around looking confused - they were just sure they had the right one this time. In the mean time you are shaking your head - just as confused - only you're wondering  *what the hell they are thinking? How could they not see this was not going to work out? All of the signs were there but they didn't see any of them. What's worst is you have picked up on a pattern that they seem to over look every time and you don't know how or if you should say something.

Why is this clear to you and not clear to your friend? Well, what you have is a  classic case of someone not being in touch with their reality.

It is hard for those of us who are looking for love (in all the wrong places and in some cases even the right place) to accept that they may well be the reason for all of their misfortune when it comes to relationships. If in their hearts and minds they see things much different from the rest of the world - what is there to change? For instance - take a guy - a good guy who just keeps getting taken advantage of by all of his girl friends. He can be the sweetest guy; always helping others - quick to come when called. Paying bills and helping out with children he hasn't fathered but still ending up alone. You may ask yourself (and him) what is he doing wrong or you may just think he has really bad luck. You may feel bad for him and even try to set him up. Nice guys like him shouldn't have to put up with women who don't appreciate him, right? Well, he should if he wants to.

My question would be what's going on in his belief system? What does he believe about himself or others that is the fuel that is keeping him going? What were his relationships with family and friends growing up - what was he taught about women or about his role in a relationship? He may not be aware but his reality - the way he see the world and the world he really lives in could be two very different things. He may be clueless to all of this - he may be totally unaware of the connection  but, he is the connection. He may not be consciously picking these women but he is picking them. Being oblivious does not make you blameless. OK, I am not saying anyone is at fault - lets just say maybe there is something he could do or change in his life - in his belief system that could put a stop to this.

It comes back to something pretty simple. What he knows to be real is the engine that keeps him going - all the while he is in the wrong lane.  Poor soul, he may be a sweetheart but the world is full of  people who could care less.  If he was in touch with his reality he would be prepared and could see the people who would take advantage of him coming  a mile away.

I am Cynthia Williams and My Reality is my Armor.

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