Reality Is - What's Your Reality?

We can work it out:
Tools you can use to get in touch with the "Real You".

Acceptance Affirmations....

Reality Introductions

Our realities are formed form what we believe, what we are taught and what
 we experience along our way.
These questions are designed to help you begin to get in touch with the life 
your are really living.

  What are my strongest beliefs about myself?
What do I know that supports these beliefs?
  What experiences support these beliefs?
How are these beliefs hindering my life?
What beliefs will I have to change?
What is the reality I would like to create?

Take your time and think these through. 

In the process you may discover a whole new you.

What are you depending on others for that you
can be doing yourself?

I think you are going to love this one if you can come to accept it. How many times have you been let down by someone because you were waiting on them to get something done? How many times have you ending up doing something you ask someone to do week ago? More importantly - how much of what you ask others to do could you be doing yourself if you are able bodied?

While yes, it is nice to have someone who can help you take care of things – it is just down right frustrating to have to ask over and over again. You drive your stress levels up and wear your body down, when this is suppose to be helping you.
So try this, I want you to make a list of all the things you can think of that you ended up doing after asking someone else for help. Once you have that list go back over it with these things in mind:

How many times did you have to ask that person "Is it done yet"?
How long did they take to complete your request?
How many of those request did you end up doing yourself?
Was there money involved that ended up lost?
How long did each request really take you to do them?

Could you have saved yourself some time and trouble if you had just done the job yourself?

If you find that you have been wasting time and energy trying to get someone else to take care of things you could have done faster, for less money, or without a headache – you may want to rethink relying on those people. It may be time to develop a plan that will free up some of your time, so that you can get some well deserved peace of mind.
If the help is not helping or if it adds to your stress levels you just don't need it any more.

An Exercise in Loving Yourself....

Affirmations can be helpful at times when we need to be lifted. This exercise is designed to lift you when you are down and remind you that you should love the one you are with everyday 24/7.

You will need a spiral notebook or journal. One that you can carry around with you would be ideal. Pick one that lifts you or brings a smile to your face. It should be something that you will look forward to writing in.
To get you started here are a few topics:

Ten reasons why I love myself....
I am in control of....
I trust....
Ten things I look forward to....
I am worthy of....
I accept the following....
I forgive myself for....
Today was a good day because....

Try to practice this everyday. Your goal is to end up with a book of personal affirmations that you can draw from when you need them most. If you would like to work on building your personal picker-upper list together 

drop me a line or give me a call.