Reality Is - What's Your Reality?

This Is.... Reality Is

Reality is relative. Everyone lives in their own reality, created by our up bringing, were we are from and the interactions we have experienced since birth. What we are taught to believe along with what we pick up on our own makes up what we know
 ( in our reality ) to be true.

I work on opening doors that lead to communication and understanding of one each others perspectives ( if possible ). Ignorance leads to fear, anger frustration and other crippling states. In some cases knowing the five W’s – Who, What, When, Where and Why – can teach us “How” to over come the obstacles that get in the way of our happiness.

Reality is personal. It is our own journey through uncharted waters. It is where we come face to face with tough decisions and do our best with what we have. This journey takes us to new places and allows us to revisit some old – so that we can make our best even better.

I am the light house if you will - guiding you – steering you clear of the jagged rocks. Together we will find the shore and get you safely on to dry and stable ground where your “Reality begins to  really” - work for you in the best ways possible.

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