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What’s your Reality?

The question is not as strange as you  may think.  It is true that there are some things that are just real – just fact and these things apply to everyone. The sun comes up to east and sets in the west. Chickens lay eggs.  Dogs walk on all fours - My question to you is, when it comes to your life – what is real to you?

What we know to be real is taken from our personal experiences. What we learn about the life we live varies from person to person. Our parents, our siblings, our friends all help to form truths in our hearts and minds that effect our happiness and our decision making. That shape our very being. What we learn from our surroundings and interactions from day to day can cement beliefs that can either help us or harm us but, they do shape our future.

Reality Is was born out of a need to let go of a long standing belief. One that held me in a state of unending fear. In my reality I was never going to be able to have the business I dreamed of, because of health reasons. The belief I held so closely to my heart was that I could only do one thing great. I believed that I would never be able to fulfill my dream of being a successful business woman. After some soul searching and hard work I was able to let go of that belief and start a new career. One that I feel is more satisfying and allows me to make a real difference.

What do you believe about yourself that is not a fact or set in stone? What have you been holding on to that is holding you back? Are you ready to create a new reality – one that speak to the real you?  Truths that free you and open doors that you have believed was close long ago.

If we create our reality then we can create the life we long for. We can be happy being our real selves.
Reality is can help do just that. Stick around and enjoy the journey.
I am Cynthia Williams the Reality Coach and my Reality is Awesome.

Reality Check

One can never find happiness until one learn to accept themselves for who
they really are.
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