Reality Is - What's Your Reality?

New Year New You.

 If we create our own realities we can created the life we want. With time and a little work we can live the life we dream of as a opposed to the life we feel we were handed. From here on out you can take control. Begin with simple exercise and start enjoying the new you today.

1. Start by making a list of the perfect you. Yes, the perfect you. If everything about you was perfect the who would you be?

2. Next make a list of the things you believe will stop you from living out this list. This second list is more important. It is a list of your doubts and fear. This list of the beliefs about yourself will have change before moving forward. Any and all negative beliefs about yourself will get in the way of your success.

3. Now take the list of can't do's and read them through. If you list “more free time for myself” as part of the perfect you – but feel that it can't happen because you work a full time job, have two young kids and a ton of house work – then next to that you should write what is you believe will happen if, instead of spending the night washing clothes you asked a friend to sit with kids for 1 hour while you take a nice hot bath and read from the stack of magazine that are piling up next your bed.

Or let's say the perfect you runs a successful business. The question I would ask is what do you believe is stopping you from going after this and what can you do to change that.

Remember that what we believe about ourselves is what supports our Realities. Make this year the year that you create the Reality you want to live in and leave behind the one that longer fits. Before accepting what you can't do - be sure you know why you can't do it. Be sure it is something that can't be done and not just something your are afraid of doing.